Other Legal Resources

SLAC Legal Contacts

Kam-Oi Shew
Phone: (650) 926-3508
E-mail: kshew@stanford.edu

Saurabh Anand
Phone: (650) 926-8708
E-mail: sanand3@stanford.edu

Ritu Bhatnagar
Phone: (650) 926-3073
E-mail: ritub@stanford.edu

Sarah H. Perry
Phone: (650) 926-3531
E-mail: shperry@stanford.edu

Steve Porter (Retired)
E-mail: slporter@stanford.edu

If you have a general legal question unrelated to specific SLAC operations, contact the Director of Legal Services at the Stanford University Office of General Counsel at (650) 723-9751.

Model Vendor Demonstration Acknowledgment

On-Site Vendor Demonstration

To the extent an industry partner or vendor is interested in demonstrating or displaying its products or services at SLAC for the purpose of potentially entering into a business relationship with the University in the future, the industry partner or vendor must provide an executed Vendor Demonstration Acknowledgment. For example, the following types of goods or services may require demonstration acknowledgments:

  • IT hardware or software
  • Software as a service applications
  • Scientific equipment
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Special use equipment

The affected SLAC staff group should generally coordinate the product demonstration with their assigned procurement specialist in the supply chain management organization. Acknowledgments (1) deviating from the attached template, (2) involving risks to SLAC’s infrastructure, property, or personnel, OR (3) extending to a duration beyond two years must be approved by SLAC legal counsel. Please ensure there is sufficient time for review or the activity may be delayed. 

All executed Vendor Demonstration Acknowledgments must be provided to Kam-Oi Shew, SLAC Legal, at kshew@stanford.edu


Sponsor Waiver and Release

All event or activity sponsors, regardless of the SLAC group they are affiliated with, must execute the below-attached sponsor waiver and release form, which provides certain protections to SLAC and Stanford in connection with such events or activities. 

Any deviations to the attached form must be reviewed by SLAC Legal prior to their approval or execution. Please send any inquiries regarding this form, as well as completed and executed forms, to Kam-Oi Shew, SLAC Legal, at kshew@stanford.edu.


  • For the Model Location Release and License forms, please go to the SLAC Communications website (under "Resources"). (Point of contact: Andrew Gordon x2282)