SLAC's legal counsel is charged with providing all required advice and assistance to help SLAC be in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contract terms, the University's Founding Grant, policies, and procedures, and with providing every assistance to ensure that SLAC meets its research and education goals in a legal and ethical manner.

SLAC Legal Contacts

Kam-Oi Shew
Phone: (650) 926-3508

Saurabh Anand
Phone: (650) 926-8708

Ritu Bhatnagar
Phone: (650) 926-3073

Sarah H. Perry
Phone: (650) 926-3531

Steve Porter (Retired)

If you have a general legal question unrelated to specific SLAC operations, contact the Director of Legal Services at the Stanford University Office of General Counsel at (650) 723-9751.